PIONEER OUTDOORIST: Edward Curtis- Anthropologist; Portrait Photographer; Historian; Ethnologist…

When we think about “What an image of an Outdoorist contains”, we usually imagine a person who climbs mountains, single-track mountain biking, trail-seeking snowshoer and a true risk-taker choosing a road less traveled in the great-outdoors. These are all legitimate images. This blog adds to that list, Edward Curtis, an individual pioneer who took […]

Richmond, Virginia: Fat Tires, Kayaks and Soles features, in their blogs, communities across our country.  These chosen communities are those who have developed systems, infrastructure and networks to enhance Outdoor Experiences in and around their city.  Citizens and Outdoorists visiting the area, in and around Richmond, benefit from a vision unique to its Culture.   This blog introduces Richmond, Virginia, featuring […]

Gold and Silver; The Genesis of Skiing in America and this blogsite have written many blogs about Outdoorists and the emergence of the Ski Industry in America.  The very beginnings, of this phenomenon and epic stages of it’s growth, capture the Heart and Soul of a new outdoor experience.  The exploration and sustaining of the many mountainous regions across America, during the snow […]

The Oregon Trail: An Outdoorist’s Dream Trek

One of America’s Epic Journeys in History was and is the Oregon Trail.  What makes this particular journey such an important period of time for America (1840-1870), which was less than a hundred years in existence as a sovereign country?  The British Empire in the 1700’s conquered and subjugated many vulnerable states and islands around […]

Outdoor Retailers (Stores) vs. Online Sales (Amazon)

In all our blogs, here at, there is a sense of optimism for the Outdoor Industry as a whole and Outdoorists everywhere.  The issue here is the extreme success of Online Sales of Outdoor Products which is directly affecting Independent Outdoor Stores.  From a distance, one would see a David vs. Goliath battle.  At […]

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