Month: June 2015

Our National Parks: Volunteering and Outdoor Loyalty

Previous blogs on have been about outdoor activities such as running, wearables and river activities. Our support for loyalty/reward programs recognize that these activities should be inclusive as “points for participation”. This blog is close to our hearts here at Over the last 14 years, the National Parks System has lost over 85% […]

Women and the Outdoor Running Experience

This Blog concentrates on women and Outdoor Running within the demographic 35 to 60 years of age participating in running, both personally and competitively as an Outdoor Experience.  This category constitutes the largest statistical group in the running world as a whole.  An Outdoor Industries Association research study shows that 35% of female U.S. outdoor […]

Rivers Of America: Outdoorist and our Environment

In the earliest beginnings of growth in America, we find the first true Infrastructure of our Culture.  At the beginning of the 19th Century, Lewis and Clark ventured West on an epic journey.  Beginning at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, they successfully navigated through pristine countryside to the Columbia River and finally […]

Outdoor Loyalty: The Outdoor Industry and You…

The concept of Outdoor Loyalty engenders the whole conscience of the Outdoor Industry.  What was initiated by the Baby Boomer Generation in the Mid 60’s, and has grown appreciably every decade since, has become the fastest growing segment of retail.  The “Boomers” curated the desires to experience all that the Great Outdoors offers:  Activity, Courage, […]