Month: July 2015

Is an Outdoorist an Athlete?

Are you a Runner or a Jogger? Are you a Hiker or a Trekker? Are you a Kayaker or a Canoeist? An Outdoorist is all of the above. Outdoor Adventures are just that. The activity takes place in the Outdoors. The adventure is defined by the challenge one makes for one’s self. The degree of […]

Outdoorists Sustaining Our Planet Earth

OutdoorLoyalty…Conservation…Resources Individuals, Outdoor Organizations and Countries are all, separately or collaboratively, moving towards a Global Initiative to Protect, Reconstitute and Support our environment by embracing Climate concerns and giving forward to future generations. recognizes the urgency to motivate the Outdoor Industry and it’s participants towards setting goals on every level by rewarding goal attainments, […]

Real Life Outdoor Odyssey: Outdoorists Journeys

“The Odyssey” is one of two major Ancient Greek poems attributed to Homer.  It is the sequel to “The Iliad”.  In essence, Odysseus goes on an extraordinary journey full of unknowns, challenges and accomplishments.  Sometimes, in your life, you are faced with an Odyssey.  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” […]