Month: January 2016

Outdoor Loyalty discovers Outdoor Chattanooga

One of the most popular issues among Outdoorists is engaging Urban Dwellers with the Outdoor Experience just out their front door.  Since the urban population is 71% of the total population of our Country, focusing on this issue is fruitful, fulfilling and functional for Urban Populations.  The Outdoor Industry, and the army of volunteers available, […]

Nepal- A Journey Back to Life

On April 25, 2015, a tremendous earthquake, of the magnitude 7.8, devastated Nepal.  On May 12, 2015 an after-shock, of the magnitude 7.3 with the same approximate epicenter, erupted around the capital city of Kathmandu.  The initial response to the earthquake, that ravaged the capital city and the mountain region (including the the Himalayan Range) […]