IMG_0232_cpThere is a time, in every Outdoorist’s life, where you look back on your life’s journeys and wonder if all your choices have been to choose the “easy” road.  Taking  “a road less traveled” should be part of an Outdoor Adventurer’s vision every time you consider an “Odyssey”.  We all know about Homer’s stories about the Adventurer Odysseus who spent 10 years traveling the Known World of that time (350 BC).  The challenges he faced, and did not retreat from, went way beyond Odysseu’s perception of what he may have encountered at the beginning of his journey.

We all find ourselves on a road less traveled at points in our Iives.  While we are encountering challenges on this “Road”, we should take a moment and introspectively see what our thoughts and feelings are in respect to this activity.

IMG_0015_smI recently, on a monumental birthday of mine, planned and prepared for an Odyssey Journey myself.  My Son-In-Law, who by the way, is a seasoned Off-Road motorcycle rider and accomplished motorcycle maintenance wizard Outdoorist.  We planned and prepared the journey from mapping the route (upwards to 400 miles off-road and low maintenance trails).  By the way, I purchased my first  motorcycle in 43 years for this Odyssey. The purchase of this cycle was the easy part, whereas preparing for the trip, consisted of Psychlogic evaluation and Physical training.  I thought this preparation would remove the anxious feelings that were arising within my psyche.  As it turned out, it enhanced my nerves as well as question my ability to do this crazy outdoor adventure. The “day of reckoning” arrived all too soon.  We fired-up the machines, waved good bye to my loving Wife and headed for the Wilderness.   When we stopped in a small mountain town, not   very far into the trip, we filled up our tanks and stomachs then went into a grocery store for supplies.  Upon returning to our cycles, we discovered that my front tire was flat;  “Oh Great”!!!

I am, at this point, going to turn over the blog to my traveling partner for his perspective of “The Odyssey”:

“To begin my part in this journey, I don’t know what an Odyssey is! What I do know is that I got to go on a Motorcycle Adventure with my Father-In-Law for a momentous birthday celebration.  I knew, at the time, it was important in many ways.  Important for him and important for me.  This was a challenge we could both engage in.  It was a ‘Road Less Traveled’.  It was a mountain and we climbed it and reached the summit”.

IMG_0240_sm2“I will always remember the adventure we took; Buying, maintaining and preparing the motorcycles over many weeks.  The journey we took , once we actually started, truely was Our Odyssey.  Huh, I guess I do know what it means, who knew”.

“The trip was awesome.  Multiple days and nights; Stressful moments; Happy moments; Music, Pepsi and Beer and many moments filled with laughter and joy.  The evenings of front porch lounging found us awed by the stunningly beautiful first night’s sunset.  Day 2 of our adventure challenged us with steep dirt, loose gravel and “washboard” bumps.  This was our biggest hurdle thus far.  Our second night brought us to another front porch with a close up of a theater front row seat for a 3D featured lighting and thunder scene at 9,000 feet.”

“As the sunrise broke above the massive peaks to our East on our third day,  we were greeted by blue skies and only light breezes.  The morning ride was epic in terms of scenic beauty and challenging terrain in Ashley National Forest.  All the knowledge and experience I shared with my riding buddy about motorcycle safety and performance, made it abundantly apparent when we came to a proverbial fork in the road and we choose the ‘roads less traveled’ versus more comfortable choices”.

IMG_0236_sm“The motorcycles performed flawlessly throughout the journey reflecting on the zen like meticulous preparation and on the spot repairs when necessary.  The culmination of the journey, when we returned back home, was a well planned and attended surprise birthday celebration with all the friends and family that the lucky guy could ask for.”

“I think that’s what is great about motorcycles, dirt roads and the great outdoors.  They bring people of different levels of expertise, or no experience, together to share experiences with each other.  On this Odyssey we were two dudes hanging out as equals regardless of the years that separate us.” has worked with Outdoorists, over the past year or so, to engage with outdoor adventurists and collaborate on a “story” that should be shared with the Outdoor Community.  If you are an Outdoor Retailer, you should communicate with them to include their story in your community of customers and reward them for living their story in the hope that they will tell their story through your loyalty program.  These engagements are the heart and soul of the Outdoor Experience.

Below is a video of Jack and Christian’s Odyssey Journey…Enjoy…



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