To tell you the truth, we all have a deep love and respect for the Outdoors.  Each of us has “outdoor gear” especially for that personal form of Outdoor Experience.  Whether it be exploring, trekking, kayaking, hunting, fishing, snowboarding and snowshoeing; we could go on and on listing the outdoor activities we cherish and love.  There is one common thread between Outdoorists, and that is love and respect for the Great Outdoors.  The trust we have that the wilderness will be there for all of us, and the many generations yet to come, Is sacred within our soul.

Mixed wilderness

We could go on and on talking about what the outdoors means to us all, but we are at a point in our personal and cultural existence of a real threat toward the world we live in.  Putting ourselves on the front lines of this attack is daunting at the very least.  First of all, you must not allow the emotions and fear of being alone on this battlefield.  There is a well-spring of comradery all around you leading straight to answers and strategies one can be part of now and well into the future.  One of these comraderies is right in front of you:

What is this emerging threat that has targeted our National Parks including the parks, forests, wilderness areas, monuments and BLM  lands.  The goal of this movement is controlling our public lands and privatizing areas rich in land, minerals, oil, water, etc. for profit entities, through mining, drilling, dams and watersheds that tap into oil, gas, oil shale, natural gas, hydro energy and wood, all with the process of deforesting, fracking, drilling and mining (in many forms).  They extract the energy for profit of the resources at hand that will determine the future of “our” public lands that we protect for our future generations to come.

Now bring all this illegal and destructive enterprise down to a particular situation we are facing today.  That is the current designation of Bears Ears Monument in the beautiful Southeastern Utah lands around the well renowned “Four Corners” area.  This is where Southwestern Colorado, Northwestern New Mexico, Northeastern Arizona and Southeastern Utah meet surrounded by rich vistas containing 1,000 plus years of inhabitation by Native American Nations.  These lands, which many Outdoorists have ventured and explored for centuries, have been considered Sacred Mountains, Waterways and Wilderness that have been protected by these inhabitants for many centuries.  The Spirits of the many cultures  have protected its many peoples living here from natural disasters and provocation from outsiders considered  their enemy’s, or better known as “aliens” (that’s us folks).

The Monuments

What is at stake if the side of “privatization and profits” prevails?  Do yourself a favor; Take your own Outdoor Journey to Bears Ears Monument.  Take some time to slow your life down a little.  Keep in mind this land has been designated, through the Antiquities Act of 1906, as a National Monument.  That Act assures that everyone, and I do mean everyone, has the freedom to experience what our cultural ancestors lived for many centuries with the goal to protect, preserve and respect these lands.  Outfit yourself with Outdoor Gear to hike the canyons, explore the remnants of the Ancient People on these sacred lands and camp by a stream and under the stars, thus capturing the spirit of the land and hearing the voices of the “Ancients” for yourself.  Become an Outdoorist and note the value of support and protection of these wildernesses, considered to be a member of our “National Jewels”, for all to enjoy.

In some sense, feels like they are preaching to the choir.  Many of us have ventured into this vast wilderness with a true love and respect on more than one occasion.  We are part of the present Resistance Movement and hope you will join sooner rather than later.  The various and many organizations supporting and protecting the designation of Bears Ears Monument consist of entities such as OIA, OR, Indivisible Movement, many Outdoor Manufacturers and Retailers, Clean Energy Industries and many more to list here.

Below is a link to an article written by Amy Roberts, Executive Director of OIA and a “True Outdoorist”, outlining the movement by the Outdoor Industry, and how you can make an impact and resist the darkness of those who oppose it. Since I have written this blog, negotiations have broken down between The Outdoor Industries representatives and The Utah legislators including the Governor.  Bears Ears Monument is very vulnerable to being stripped of its designation and then stripped of its Spirit of adventure and beauty.  I have linked another article outlining what happened in those negotiations  resulting in future devastation.

“Together We Are a Force”…

Jack Outdoor Loyalty

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    It is a “calling” for those Outdoorists who believe our National Park System needs to be sponsored and protected to save our Crown Jewels.

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