Even Paul Revere would be awakened by this Outdoor Marketing Dilemma.  It isn’t because Millennials just appeared on the Outdoor Industry’s radar screen. The past decade has been the spring board for Outdoor Marketing Research as to what the tendencies are of those born in the 80’s and 90’s.  From a Social/Psychological viewpoint, the Millennial Generation was the “Test” for Boomers to methodically introduce their children to Education, Social Activities, Outdoor Experiences and most of all Technological Discoveries and Advances.

Now that we have an idea of who this mysterious generation consists of, let’s dig into the statistics, analytics and tendencies the Outdoor Industry has accumulated over the past decade.  For some time now, the sport of “Millennial Bashing” has categorized Millennials in to these categories:

1) Millennials have no respect for authority.

2) Millennials refuse to follow directions.

3) Millennials have a rebellious nature and question everything.

As it turns out, Boomers and Gen X generations were categorized into similar categories.  Where have I heard of this before?  “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!!!

Sixty-Three percent of Millennials do not have credit cards; they are “Credit Invisible”.  By 2020, 1 in 3 adults will be Millennials.  When they complete their under-graduate degree, every 1 in 6 will have entered the work force in the World of Non-Profit Organizations.  This is somewhat happening due to the “collaborative nature” between management and a volunteer work force.  This also occurs in start-up Tech companies.

If we take this phenomena in to consideration focusing on the Outdoor Industry, we can see that for Millennials, Brands, Trends and Technology are not a very high priority for them.  When they think about an Outdoor Adventure, it could be a “meet-up” in an Urban Park to engage with friends around a Fire Pit Setting and possibly a little Frisbee.  The one “Gear” item they all will have at one of these outings will be their Smart Phone, not to be connected, but to post photos like “selfies” and “group pics” to share with their social networks.  When they embark on a running event, they choose “Team Relays” sponsored by Non-Profit Organizations over an “Ironman” spectacular elite event in Hawaii (The Big Island).

With this sketch of an outline defining Millennials, we at OutdoorLoyalty.com have our “points for participation” program to include the breadth of Millennial’s activities.  They do not want to be marketed “at”, but to be marketed “with”.

Below is a list of bullet points to be used as a guideline for Marketing With Millennials:

A) Millennials prefer Trader Joe’s over Whole Foods.

B) Millennials are “Credit Invisible” vs “Credit Worthy”.

C) Over 30% of Millennials are “under water” on College Loans.

D) A Millennial’s purchase is a combination of online research

and in-store hands on experience.

E) “Brand Name Products” are not a precedent for Millennials.

F) “Cash over Credit” is a Millennial’s Motto.

G) A 900 sq foot or less is a Millennial Abode.

H) Millennials would rather experience a Drum Circle with

friends vs. going to an established faith service.

I) Collaboration  is the “true” process to reach the “truth”.

OutdoorLoyalty.com believes that Boomers, Gen X’ers and Millennials embrace the Outdoor Experience in a multitude of ways.  From Urban Gatherings in City Parks, Volunteering in National Parks, Participating in Outdoor Youth Programs  and Opening the Out”Doors” to those with Special Needs.  Reward Programs will truly reach their Outdoor Customers by recognizing what truly is important to us all.  Understanding motivations and “Rewarding” those goals and successes, to which they strive for, is a “Real Collaboration” of the Heart.

Now that you have a better understanding of who Millennials are, we, at OutdoorLoyalty.com, want to link you to an article that will put you in the forefront of the “NEXT” Generation labeled Gen Z (2000-Present).

Bigger, Better, The Future and of course undefined to date.  Welcome to Gen Z.


Jack Outdoor Loyalty

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