The “Stravan’s” Are Coming!!! The Beginning of Social Fitness For All…

There is a new version out there of Fitness Networking, expanding a more “Social” definition for Outdoorists. The hub of this App belongs to the new “King of the Mountain” STRAVA. In 2009, co-founders Michael Horvath and Mark Gainey, started the “Ground Rules” for STRAVA. Not being the first fitness app, they began to redefine the terminology of the Outdoor Experience. In some cases, they expanded what had been the classic activities. They expanded from biking, kayaking, running and rock climbing to also include Tai Chi, Yoga, Yardwork and Walking Babies. All things that can fit into “social activities and fitness”. The social aspect of the STRAVA App elevated it to such apps like RUNKEEPER, MY FITNESS Pal, ENDOMONDO, MAP MY FITNESS as well as GARMIN and NIKE having their own platforms. STRAVA has taken the lead associated with Social Fitness.

The STRAVA app, includes a sense of a social movement. has engaged with the Strava movement to the point of presenting its formula to Outdoor Retailers, adding to their loyalty programs, where STRAVANS can acquire points for fitness achievements recorded on the STRAVA APP. Many Stravans engage in solo activities that are easily recorded on the Strava App as “Segments” that rank their personal records over time

It is a moment now to clarify the backgrounds of the two founders of Strava, Michael Horvath and Mark Gainey:

Michael Horvath began his bachelor’s degree at Harvard in Economics and being an Outdoorist he was a very competitive Captain of the Lightweight Crew Team by winning many events leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. Michael acquired his graduate degree in Economics and moved out west becoming an Economics Professor at Stanford University. He Co-founded the enterprise software Kana Communications. Soon after, he became CFO and VP of operations at GLYOCOFI, a Biotech company.

Mark Gainey was a Venture Capitalist Executive building successful companies for 20 years, including KANA where he and Michael were the co-founders of this customer-service software company which became, like many startups in “those days”, experienced investor-driven “hyper-growth” that wasn’t controllable, Gainey stated.

Michael and Mark became Co-Owners of STRAVA in 2009. Both were athletes/outdoorists most of their lives and continuing as members of the STRAVA Community. They realized their learning curve with KANA determined to keep STRAVA from being “investor heavy” and acknowledged that subscription businesses, like Strava, can take longer to develop and require more patience. If they allowed STRAVA to grow at the right rate, they could create powerhouse franchises.

STRAVA will become part of your “active life”. is recognizing the latest STRAVA that is promoting Outdoor Companies by utilizing their techniques to offer “Streaks” challenges by TRACKSMITH offering 20% discounts in the”Once a Week” 45 minute run for 4 weeks, GATORADE Endurance Road to Triathlon (Ride, Run and Swim for the lead-up to the Kona Triathlon, a chance to win TONAL’s Home GYM and Virtual Coaching System uploading weight training, workouts or CrossFit activities 2 days a week for 4 weeks. REEBOK unlocked “back-to-sport” helping kids stay active and earn 500 loyalty points one-week challenge for Running, Hiking, Weight Training, Handcycling, Wheelchair activities and more. These activities align with’s promoting loyalty rewards by Outdoor Retailers to devoting to supporting outdoor activities to those who are motivated to enhance their outdoor experiences.

We, here at totally support STRAVA’s latest direction to reach out to the Outdoorists around the globe who have the desire to improve their chances for goals, up to now, not reachable in their mind’s eye up to know. Outdoorists now have an open door with STRAVA to reach their much-desired dreams of being a superstar in competitive Outdoor Activities. “STRAVANS” RULE!!!

For a more complete understanding of the founders of STRAVA click on the below link to the lives of Michael Horvath and Mark Gainey leading up to the start-up of their dream of having a true Outdoorist’s platform for life in the journey of Social Activities in the age of “Social Fitness”.

STRAVA is a Social Movement tailored to those who desire support and feedback by their best friends and extended active contacts in their Social Network. A very important statistic about STRAVA is that “Activities posted on Strava are roughly 8 times more likely to receive some form of social feedback than a post on TWITTER. If that statistic motivates you, as it has myself, come over to STRAVA and juice up your active life outdoors and bring your friends aboard also. You will “NOT” be disappointed from that point on. “STRAVANS ROCK”!!! Forty-Two Million active users is a movement in and of itself.

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